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Norex has worked with industry leading clients from different parts of the globe to create award-winning technology delivering extraordinary user experiences.

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  • Content Audits

    For companies with outdated content, Norex helps define the path forward. We help our clients gain an in-depth understanding of their content; substance, quality, and accuracy; by working hand-in-hand with stakeholders. Norex has extensive experience implementing site audit tools and defining content strategies that produce qualitative and quantitative results driving the success of our clients' web strategy.

  • Curated Site Search

    Norex’s site architects build custom searches that rank search results according to populatrity over time. We help make vital information easily accessible through designing simple, intelligent, and usable search engines. Our capabilities include intuitive and interlinked content, displaying related articles on specific pages, and displaying the most relevant information.

  • Clean No-Frills Design

    We help companies create and evolve websites in order to achieve the look and feel that forge long-term competitive advantages in the marketplace. We help our clients translate strategy into clear website wireframes, and designs creating visual and functional systems that not only meet business goals and resonate with stakeholders, but are built to work in multiple browsers, and digital devices.

  • Responsive Development

    Norex helps companies transition to mobile and succeed in the space. The business world is increasingly surrounded by mobile devices and mobile is now at the center of web strategy. We've designed and developed mobile and responsive websites for companies across the globe.

  • Multilingual Content Tools

    For companies integrating multilingual into their website, Norex helps with strategy and implementation of all languages and content. We create flexible designs to enhance the website experience and remove the barrier of inconsistencies between pages in each language. We work with web copy writers and translators that understand the web and also implement translation tools for companies that see high international site traffic.

  • Secure, Easy-to-Use CMS

    Secure, easy-to-use content management systems are essential for all businesses. Norex builds on globally supported content management systems designed for Marketing Managers so they can maintain up-to-date information, news, and events. Our content management system makes it easy to update newsletters, mobile site content, and internal documents in one secure place and from any computer or mobile device. Norex has broad experience building multi-sites for international clients with multiple regions.

  • Social Media Integration

    Norex helps companies build ongoing, continuous relationships with consumers through effective use of social media platforms and by giving Marketing Managers the right tools for engagement and advocacy. We help build communities, and integrate tools that reach businesses. Norex has extensive experience integrating social APIs into websites and building applications for Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and other social platforms.

  • SEO

    Norex provides paid and natural search marketing services. We approach search optimization from several perspectives: ensuring website design is optimized for search; developing sites to be search-friendly; devising a content strategy that maximizes inbound search traffic and guides the resulting audience to desired business objectives; using social media and alternative content types to drive search placements; and effective placement for searches made on mobile devices.