Help us make a better web.

Our work touches industries ranging from legal to future technologies, sport to healthcare, nonprofit to education. What we do requires global vision and expertise, and we do it by building a strong team from different disciplines and backgrounds. Together we make extraordinary things happen.

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Current Openings


Norex isn’t a job; it’s a cult(ure). It’s the kind of cult(ure) that fosters imagination, passion, fun, and an unwillingness to settle for “good enough.” It’s what drives innovation and success.

If you feel like you could still be a great addition to our team, please feel free to get in touch.
We’re always looking for awesome people.


  • Profit Sharing

    As a team, we share the successes of each year together. This includes year-end profit sharing for all employees.

  • Friday Beers

    On Friday afternoons, we all gather for a cold beverage to unwind, reflect and celebrate a week of hard work. Conveniently, Propeller Brewery is just across the street!

  • Sabbaticals

    After three years with the company, senior employees go on sabbatical for a month. Its a chance to acquire new skill sets and learn something new while receiving your full salary.

  • Innovation Time

    Norex is committed to inventive fearlessness. Team members use their down-time to lead “Innovation Projects” that nurture new ideas and technologies.

  • Recognition & Burritos

    Each week we give away a burrito (in the form of dollars) to a team member who has shown excellence by going above and beyond.

  • Training & Education

    Norex supports the professional development of its team. Each team member has their own learning plan for the year, which pays for the resources and time they need to master a new skill.

  • Working Remote

    We make it possible for employees to work remotely with flexible hours. We trust our team to manage their time efficiently and stay motivated.

  • Celebration

    We take any excuse to celebrate, whether it's cake for employee birthdays, an app launch or just a really great day to order a pizza.